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Chicago – The Windy City

Chicago – The Windy City

When people are paying the visit to the city of Chicago for the first time, they are usually thinking about where to go, what to buy, drink and eat and how to have the best time possible. Some of them have heard that the other name for Chicago is the Windy City but only a few of them really know why. To be perfectly honest with you, it is not completely clear where this nickname actually came from. Most people say that the origins come from the freezing breezes coming from the Lake Michigan.

Chicago - The Windy CityThese breezes tend to sweep through the streets of the city without any mercy. This could be the most obvious explanation even though there are other and various theories. Some people tend to believe that it is a joke about the politicians also known as the bloviating residents. They were deemed to be full of hot air by the citizens of other towns passing through Chicago.

The most popular theory about the nickname derives from the moment when Chicago was competing with New York which town will be hosting the 1893 World’s Fair, which Chicago won by the way, when New York news editor Charles Dana invited his readers to ignore the claims and nonsense coming from that windy city. This was probably the real reason why Chicago kept this nickname even today even though many dismiss this now, saying it is nothing more than a myth.

The nickname dates before the myth

Many etymologists took this phenomenon very seriously and dedicated years of their work to find the real reason and the origins hiding behind this nickname. The people of Chicago are now feeling proud of it just like New Yorkers are proud of the Big Apple. One etymologist, named Barry Popik, discovered an uncovered evidence that this nickname dates from 1870s. This directly negates the Dana myth. Furthermore, he also discovered that this was a literal reference to the windy weather in Chicago as well as a metaphorical jab aimed at the Chicago’s citizenry.

Funny thing is that even though many people would be lead to believe that this nickname reflects on the windy weather in Chicago, it is not the breeziest town in the country. It is not in the second or the third place for that matter as there are even three cities before it. San Francisco, New York and Boston all have higher wind speeds than Chicago. There is one more reference to this nickname and it dates from 1876 when a tornado swept through the city.

Some believe that this was the moment when the nickname was originated. Both Popik and others now strongly believe that the Windy City nickname probably started as a weather reference and it has taken on a double meaning as the city continued to develop. Still, no one can say for sure what the truth is. It was left for the people to decide what to make of the beautiful Windy City.

Traveling In Chicago

Traveling In Chicago

Let us assume that you are in Chicago for the first time and you only have three days to pay a visit to the best places for sightseeing. It is natural to assume that a person visiting for the first time would not have the slightest clue where to go. If this is the case, this article could be of a great use to you. Before we get into that, here are some useful tips for you. If you are planning to move around the city, you will be delighted that Chicago CTA offers unlimited passes on public transit that can be used for the next three days. Just a convenience? I do not think so.

There is something that you must know about the weather in Chicago. It tends to be a bit extreme. If you are visiting in summer pack light but if you are coming in the winter, the weather can be really freezing so be prepared. This city is most famous for its deep dish pizza but it takes around 45 minutes to prepare it. Be patient as it will pay off. Now, for the traveling and sightseeing part. Chicago Riverwalk is something that everyone should see.

Three top places to see

As you take your tour down the river, you will have a majestic view of the architecture of the buildings. This is just perfect to get introduced to the history of one of the oldest towns around in the country. Taking a walk along the river is also just perfect for taking pictures and the view is breathtakingly beautiful. Pay attention to the grandeur of the skyscrapers, they encase the sky in the most splendid way.

Chicago SkylineNow, if you had enough of the river, your trip cannot be complete without taking a breath in Millenium Park. A warped Chicago skyline in the background, you and your friends having a good time, nice weather, everything is here in the palm of your hand. Here is a good tip. That skyline we were talking about is even more beautiful at night. The most popular thing to do here is taking a photo of your own reflection in the bean. Just pay attention to the others as it tends to be a bit overcrowded with tourists.

Now, my favorite part is the Art Institute of Chicago. If my friends are coming to town, this is the first place that I would take them to. The fun here is neverending and there is so much to explore. It’s a really fantastic museum and you can enter for free between 5pm and 8pm. A group or a self-guided tour, just enjoy as much as you can.

Chicago - The hometown of best pizza

Chicago – The Hometown Of Best Pizza

For every pizza fan in the world, here is a really good news. You can find the best pizza in the whole world in the city of Chicago and there is a huge selection how you can have it. Thin crust pies or hawking deep dish, prepare for a real feast for your senses because you are about to enter the world of the best pizza on the planet.

I love to travel and go places, try something new and experiment with food and drinks. Traveling is my favorite and so is food. Fine dining and food bars are always good in my book but, pizza is a completely different story. I mean, let us face it and be honest, I really do not think that there’s a person in the world that does not like a slice of warm pizza every now and then. Well, if you are already hungry from all this, let us go deeper into what you can expect when you’re in Chicago.

If you are into something completely new yet familiar, the first thing that I would like to recommend is Chicago’s most famous deep dish pizza. Now, I do not even have to tell you that it’s a legendary thing here. The locals are completely crazy about it but the madness spreads to literally everyone who samples a taste of it. With all this in mind, if you are already wondering where you could get the best pizza in Chicago, head to the River North.

Their cheese laden specimens are simply not of this world and there are no words that can describe their pizza. It is a real work of art, a simple perfection. Chicago is known to be a home to a lot of Italians. That is why this city is a home to almost every known pizza style in the world. That is why I decided to dedicate the whole article to this favorite food of mine.

My favorite places

Chicago PizzaSince I was a little kid, I always had love for good pizza. Pizza is so popular here, that the city decided to develop their own pizza style. If you want to try this, head to a place called Vito and Nick’s. These guys developed their own way of making pizza and came up with a very popular cracker thin pies.

The diversity is everything in Chicago. Whether you want to eat something, have a drink, go for a having a good time, travel or just enjoy the experience, I could say that Chicago is simply a perfect town for it. You can find everything you need.

When it comes to pizza, fans can count on the best pizza of their lives if they choose to visit Pequod’s, Coalfire or Reno. These three places and the two I already mentioned will not disappoint even the hardest ones to please. Pequod’s is in the first place because of the Lincoln Park. Enjoy both food and view.

The most popular cocktail bar in Chicago

The Most Popular Cocktail Bar In Chicago

I already mentioned how I like to travel and discover great places for having food and drinks but, the city of Chicago will always have a special place in my heart not because I live here but, because it has everything that a man like me could wish for. Architecture, the river, the lake, the parks, the green, the bars, the restaurants and the rest of the sightseeing wonders simply mean the world to me.

Wherever I go, I always come back gladly to the warm embrace of my city. With this in mind, and since I love cocktails, I decided to share my opinion about the best cocktail bar here. So, without any further delay, here it is, the one and only Lost Lake cocktail bar, a place where you will find the most amazing drinks and cocktails that you ever had the privilege laying your eyes on. It is completely true what the rumors say, the bartenders are not really bartenders, they are actually magicians and what they can do with drinks is only explainable with the word magic.

Chicago CoctailSome of their cocktails look like they are not of this world, the colors and shapes are simply unbelievable. Some of them glow in the dark, others introduce new shapes when exposed to light. Of course, there is a huge selection of normal cocktails but, who wants to bother with these when they can find cocktails that look like they are about to come alive right now. Now, what is really interesting about Lost Lake is that it’s not a crowd-pleasing cocktail bar. Not at all, it is much more challenging and that is exactly what makes it the most interesting.

That is also what makes it my number one and for a good reason. It is all about how much you can take and how far are you willing to go with experimenting with various drinks. Let me tell, there is no place in Chicago that offers such selection of amazing looking drinks like Lost Lake and the food is outstanding.

A Tourist Guide Through Chicago

A Tourist Guide Through Chicago

It’s always hard to decide what to visit and where to go when you are visiting some place for the first time. Well, if your plan is paying a visit to Chicago, here are some of the hottest tips that could be right up your alley. First of all, before I begin, every lover and fan of architecture will be more than glad to know that there’s a celebration going on right now, celebrating everything about architecture that this amazing and most beautiful city has to offer.

This outstanding event is commonly known as the inaugural Chicago Architecture Biennial and it’s a perfect opportunity for all fans of architecture to take a look at some of the freshest ideas in building design. And in case that you did not know, Chicago is not known all over the world as the city of staggering buildings for nothing. There are a lot of new public spaces and hotels opening and unveiling so it is more than safe to say that these are very exciting times for all who pay a visit to this city for the first time.

The river and the lake

ChicagoThe most incredible thing about this city is the fact that it is so well connected with public transportation that going from one end of the city to another is like a walk in a park. It is possible to get anywhere in less than an hour and in a place as big as Chicago, this is more than good, believe me. Overcrowded big cities with dysfunctional public transportation and more than expensive cabs are a killer of mood for every tourist out there but this is not the case here, fortunately.

The transportation variety and options are endless and if you want to take a bus or a train or a cab to go looking around, you can do that in no time and it’s pretty much affordable and at fair prices. Visiting the downtown also known as The Loop is a must as you can find the highest sky scraping architecture achievements this city has to offer.

The green parks are everywhere and you can enjoy the overwhelmingly beautiful view of the Chicago River. I recommend Millenium Park and the City Winery or taking a boat that will take you to Lake Michigan. The beauty of it will steal your heart away.