5 Best Cheese Shops in Chicago

Are you a cheese fan and maybe one of those people that makes homemade smoked cheese? Looking to find the best cheese shops in the area of Chicago? If so, stick to our small guide that discovers the five best cheese shops you can find in this city! You can learn a lot from these shops, enjoy in delicious tastes of different cheese types and enrich your experience!

The Standard market

This shop has to offer all kinds of American cheeses and you will not be disappointed! The selection counts over 150 available cheese types that you can try and buy. People who work there are extremely helpful in terms of explaining the process of making, storing and consuming it, which is extremely important to fans of this dairy product. On top of that, the storage is not like a regular market you would see anywhere, but rather a cave that has a controlled humidity and temperature. The real genuine experience for true enthusiasts and lovers who like to taste the real flavors! Whether you want goat or cow one, you will have a variety to choose from the different categories. One of the most favorite places to all US-dairy-products fans.

Provenance Food and Wine

If you are a fan of wine-racks, then you will love this place because of the cheese counters that create a specific and unique atmosphere. Some of them are smelly, some smell nice, but this small and well-dry shop offers a unique experience, where you can ask the friendly managers and workers on different types of cheese. They do know all the details so feel free to inquire about anything related to the cheese. While the prices are not as low as you would maybe expect, the quality is A+, due to custom recipes and years of tradition. What is even better is that you can buy wine and crackers to go, so you can taste your product genuinely. Another characteristic of this place is that sellers offer free samples before you decide to buy one.

Marion Street Market

This prolific and cheese-dedicate place offers an extravagant atmosphere and the free taste section. When you want to buy cheese for a picnic or a party, you come here. Friendly workers will definitely give you a few suggestions on cheddar combinations, but also offer more information on cheese and the process of making it. They will also help you to pair your cheese and wine/beer so you could feel the true flavor.


For all those who are looking for a wide and genuine list of European cheeses, Pastoral is the right address. The professional help with pairing cheese and wine/beer is available at your disposal for free. Enjoy in monthly selections and pairings if you are a loyal customer that visits this shop regularly.

Publican quality meats

Although a butcher shop, this place makes people difficult to choose when it comes to cheese. A daily cheese plate is available, where one selection costs $6 and three cost $16. They offer many sandwiches that are made with one of these so you can enjoy in club sandwich with your favorite cheese strain.

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