The best budget-friendly restaurants in Chicago

Eating in big cities can affect your budget and ordering a good meal in a top-rated restaurant is the fastest way to empty your wallet. If you are on vacation, or visiting some friends are relatives, then you need to save money for other things. Luckily, every city has its quarter that makes delicious food and its cheap. We are aware that Chicago is a vast city which features good and bad restaurants. Just because some establishment is expensive, it doesn’t mean they are making great food. So, if you are looking for the ways to save money, then we have a couple of places for you to visit.


This restaurant has two locations, the first one is in the West Loop, and the other one is in Humboldt Park, and they serve authentic Mexican cousin. Here you will have a chance to try cemitas, sandwiches with eggs bread, meat, cheese, and vegetables. Their famous dish is CemitaAtomica, and it will cost you only $11. It contains marinated ham, pork, avocado, chipotle sauce and a lot of Oaxacan cheese. On the other hand, their highly praised tacos are only $3.


Located at 26 E. Congress Pkwy, Cafecito only serves Cuban food, in this case, sandwiches and platters.Their specialty is a Cubano sandwich, a traditional sandwich filled with pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard. If you like to experiment with flavors, we recommend you to try Guava Q Sandwich; it has roasted pork, barbeque sauce, and caramelized onions. So, if you are on a tight budget, sandwiches here cost between $5 and $6. On the other hand, if you want something lighter, you can try plantains, or just take a Cuban coffee.


If you are into Asian cousin, then Crisp is a perfect place for you. The restaurant is located at 2940 N. Broadway, and it has a beautiful and cozy setting. Here you can try the mixture of Asian cousin and Korean barbeque. For example, the specialty of this restaurant is Sassy Fried Chicken, combined with soy, garlic, and ginger. The half of portion costs $8.95, and the whole is $14.95. If you are looking for something lighter, then you can try Buddha Bowls, marinated vegetables on top of rice and fried eggs. This meal will cost you between $7 and $10, but it’ very delicious and highly requested on their menu.

Fat Johnnie

Fat Johnnie has become a tourist attraction in a windy city. This is a hotdog stand, and anyone can get a taste of old hot dog, but we recommend you to try Johnnie’s Red Hot. The stand is located at 7242 S Western Avenue. It so famous that anyone who comes to Chicago, doesn’t leave until it tries Fat Johnnie hot dogs. If you are feeling a bit adventurous, you can try a Mighty Dog, which combines tamales, chilly sauce, cucumbers, onions, and cheese. Eating here won’t cost you more than a couple of dollars, unlike the food wholesale restaurant food distributors provide.

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