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Here Is Why You Should Visit New Zealand

Here Is Why You Should Visit New Zealand

One of the most remarkable landscapes are in New Zealand and this far country offers truly one of the best things to see! Every year, there are 2.3 million tourists who visit this country, which speaks enough about its popularity and what it can offer. Before you travel, make sure you get NZ ETA to have a clear pass for your journey! Now, we will present to you the top reasons you should visit New Zealand!

The breathtaking landscapes

The very first thing you will notice here is the enormously incredible landscape! The Lord OF The Rings and Hobbit were shot in NZ, a the southern part of the island. Still, the northern part was also used for shooting as the northern part has the glowworm caves, geothermal sources and fantastic coastlines.

Couple In NZ

Looking Nature In NZ

One of the best sights is The Mirror Lakes that are close to Earl Mountains. Here, you can find a lot of trails for walking through the woods! You may feel like Gandalf! There is no better place to go and enjoy the casual walk along the coast or the walks near the dense woods!

The rich Maori culture

As one of the oldest traditions and people, Maori is a unique culture that survived the time and kept its indigenous culture. The Maori influence is strong and present in the everyday lives of people – from street signs to TV programs and cultural interferences daily.

Gumboot Day is one of the most original Maori’s customs and it is held the first Tuesday after the Easter. Then you have Haka, which is the traditional war dance that they dance to promote the Maori warriors’ strength. Aside from these, the traditional food like hongi is also the inevitable part of this culture and it is often used when they are welcoming a guest.

Hiking heaven

Woman In Front Of Lake

Taking Picture In Front Of Lake In NZ

Everyone who like hiking stated that NZ is the heaven for hikers due to endless number of trails that you can follow. One of the most known is the nine Great Walks. Not only locals go down this path, but also tourists as you will walk on the reef of the mountain, to say it like that. There are a lot of experienced guide experts, which we recommend you to hire, just be careful of the weather. It can change very fast in a short time, so keep that in mind!

The diverse wildlife

Yes, you will be delighted with the diversity of wildlife that is present on this island! The island has several reservations/zoos where some of the endangered species live in. There are a lot of zoos and special reservations in Auckland and Wellington, so you should visit these two. Also, there is a huge number of tours with marine experts but also the tours through the wilderness where you will see some of the rarest animals. We highly recommend you getting on one of these as this is a unique experience where you can see some of the animals that do not exist anywhere else!

Store Your Stuff Properly When Travelling For A Long Period OF Time!

Store Your Stuff Properly When Travelling For A Long Period OF Time!

Storing your stuff properly when you are on the road can be a problem, especially if you have a lot of items that you need to store. Road Haugs Moving & Storage reported that people do not want to get rid of items that do not use, but rather to leave them in the storage unit. So, what can you do to store your items properly?

Where should you start? We have prepared a small guide with tips that you can follow to ensure that you store your stuff properly while you are away!

Get yourself a subscription

The first thing, regardless of whether you rent a professional unit or you made a deal with your friend to rent you a garage, is to ensure the automatic payments. Of course, your friend would not throw your stuff out, but if you rent commercial unit, they will throw everything out in case you do not pay on time.

Stuff is ready for traveling

Most be prepared for long traveling

In case you are traveling a lot and you are away from your unit, the best thing to do is to ensure the monthly subscription that you pay via PayPal or credit cards. This way, you can travel without any concern that someone might dump your ATV or favorite collection of Nike shoes. As long as you regularly pay for it, your stuff will not end up in Storage Wars show!

Rent a professional storage

As we said, the best way is to rent yourself a professional storage unit where you can store your belongings and stuff that you do not use regularly.

For example, the average price for a storage unit (which, by the way, can accommodate half of your house) is around $200, which is not that expensive!

Especially when you consider that these garages are insured, secure and monitored 24/7! You can come back anytime you want without carrying a bug sprays or dehumidifiers to get your space dry! These storages are the best solutions and if you can afford these, then do not hesitate! You do not need to worry about anything, you can pay and store your belongings!

Try to get storage close to the airport

The last tip is related to folks who want to have a car, boat or similar close to the airport so they could use it whenever they are finished with traveling. If you are traveling a lot by airplane, it would not be bad to have the storage close to the airport, especially if you use some of the items from the unit (motorcycle or a car for example).

Traveling with a new luggage

Woman is going to travel

This way, whenever you are at the airport, you can go to your unit and get what you need! Note that this has a sense only when you use something from your garage frequently! If you do not use anything that often and you only need a space to store your stuff, then it does not have to be close to the airport!

What Do You Need To Know About Dubai?

What Do You Need To Know About Dubai?

Dubai is one of the most visited locations in the world and hosts some of the record-breaking features! From the tallest tower or the planet to the busiest airport in the world! Besides record-breaking buildings, Dubai offers one of the most beautiful Dhow Cruise Dubai marina where you can see a lot of nice boats! It is truly one of the most prominent cities in the world and you should visit it whenever you have a chance. Before embarking on the journey, you need to have a couple of things on your mind.

You do not need a lot of money

Dubai is among the most expensive cities in the world and the city that literally is shining with gold and expensive costs of living. Even though people are saying it is costly city (which is), you can still visit it and explore on a budget.

Of course, it means that Hilton and Rove hotels may not be your first choice, but you will be able to enjoy in this beautiful city with the cheap taxi drives and affordable dinners. As you know, using your home mobile operator may be a subject of roaming charge, so it is recommended to buy a SIM card right at the airport and enjoy in cheap calls and internet!

Do not miss the culture part

A lot of stereotypes have been circling around, as people say there is nothing else but the skyscrapers and shopping malls. Beyond the bling-bling and fancy cars stays cultural heritage and rich history that depicts a certain part of history of the UAE. Dubai museum is one of the places that you must visit in case you gain interest in history.

The museum offers a lot of lectures on Arabian and Emirati culture so you could understand better their lives and history.

You CAN find alcohol

On the contrary to many sayings that you cannot buy alcohol, you can. The licensed bars, restaurants and hotels are eligible to sell alcohol so you can buy it at these places. The majority of places offer the happy hour, but you will be required to show your ID to prove that you are 21 and older, as they do not sell alcohol to young people under 21. In case you want to bring back alcohol to your country, you will have to obtain the license to buy it. Almost in every local on Tuesday, all women have free drinks as a part of tradition.

You CAN find alcohol

Couple in love

Burka is not required for foreigners

In spite of sayings that all women wear burka, this is not true. Of course, some women do wear it as a part of the tradition, while some do not. You, as a foreigner, are not required to wear it. It means you can enjoy in bikini wear on the beaches without the fear that someone might charge you.

Of course, like in every culture, if you are planning to visit malls, mosques and restaurants, you are required to respect the dress code and cover your knees and shoulders.


Time to escape: 10 European cities you really need to visit

There are numerous places a person could and should visit during their life, but there are a few you need to see as soon as possible. We carefully chose ten best cities in the whole of Europe and we do hope you will have the opportunity to visit them all someday. If you are interested in more, or you do want to see what other places in the world you shouldn’t miss, we recommend you to visit a travel blog for more articles.

Eastern Europe

Far in the East is one of the most interesting and the most desirable countries among the tourist destinations – Russia. Though it is rather far away, this effort is worth it if you want to avoid the summer crowd and get off the trails on the way to the historic gem of Eastern Europe – the Russian capital of Moscow.

While the nearby Mostar quickly becomes one of the most interesting new European destinations, Blagaj remains relatively hidden from the big summer crowds. Traveling in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the best way to escape the large groups of people because this neighborhood is still one of the best-kept tourist secrets in Europe.

Central Europe

Although still one of the most desirable destinations in all of Europe, it’s a real pleasure to visit Budapest in Hungary in the warm months. It is also one of the cheapest European capitals, which makes it perfect in yet another way. Just remember to pack comfortable walks for a walk – this is a great city to be explored!

In Munich everyone comes for the same reason – beer. And when the beer freely flows? During Oktoberfest, of course. If you want to visit Munich in Germany and avoid crowds, consider arriving in the summer. And then the beer flows out of the brewery, so you will certainly not be thirsty.

Close by

Marrakech, Morocco quickly becomes one of the “compulsory to visit” destinations, and of course, it is not in Europe (it is located in North Africa, a few hours from Europe). But Marrakech is one of the best cities you can visit. If you want something different, rich in culture, authentic … here you will find all this and much more.

Western Europe

Of course, there is nothing that can surpass Paris … but you have to share it with hundreds of thousands of visitors throughout the year! Travel from the capital to one of many provinces hat also has a lot to offer, like Bun. If you are a wine lover, you will have so much fun in smaller cities in France.

There are no landscapes anywhere like there are in Scotland. The island of Skye is still one of the most fascinating natural beauty scenes that you can explore in Europe and the UK by making it mandatory to list it, and visit it as soon as possible.