Chicago – The Hometown Of Best Pizza

Chicago - The hometown of best pizza

For every pizza fan in the world, here is a really good news. You can find the best pizza in the whole world in the city of Chicago and there is a huge selection how you can have it. Thin crust pies or hawking deep dish, prepare for a real feast for your senses because you are about to enter the world of the best pizza on the planet.

I love to travel and go places, try something new and experiment with food and drinks. Traveling is my favorite and so is food. Fine dining and food bars are always good in my book but, pizza is a completely different story. I mean, let us face it and be honest, I really do not think that there’s a person in the world that does not like a slice of warm pizza every now and then. Well, if you are already hungry from all this, let us go deeper into what you can expect when you’re in Chicago.

If you are into something completely new yet familiar, the first thing that I would like to recommend is Chicago’s most famous deep dish pizza. Now, I do not even have to tell you that it’s a legendary thing here. The locals are completely crazy about it but the madness spreads to literally everyone who samples a taste of it. With all this in mind, if you are already wondering where you could get the best pizza in Chicago, head to the River North.

Their cheese laden specimens are simply not of this world and there are no words that can describe their pizza. It is a real work of art, a simple perfection. Chicago is known to be a home to a lot of Italians. That is why this city is a home to almost every known pizza style in the world. That is why I decided to dedicate the whole article to this favorite food of mine.

My favorite places

Chicago PizzaSince I was a little kid, I always had love for good pizza. Pizza is so popular here, that the city decided to develop their own pizza style. If you want to try this, head to a place called Vito and Nick’s. These guys developed their own way of making pizza and came up with a very popular cracker thin pies.

The diversity is everything in Chicago. Whether you want to eat something, have a drink, go for a having a good time, travel or just enjoy the experience, I could say that Chicago is simply a perfect town for it. You can find everything you need.

When it comes to pizza, fans can count on the best pizza of their lives if they choose to visit Pequod’s, Coalfire or Reno. These three places and the two I already mentioned will not disappoint even the hardest ones to please. Pequod’s is in the first place because of the Lincoln Park. Enjoy both food and view.

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