Here Is Why You Should Visit New Zealand

Here Is Why You Should Visit New Zealand

One of the most remarkable landscapes are in New Zealand and this far country offers truly one of the best things to see! Every year, there are 2.3 million tourists who visit this country, which speaks enough about its popularity and what it can offer. Before you travel, make sure you get NZ ETA to have a clear pass for your journey! Now, we will present to you the top reasons you should visit New Zealand!

The breathtaking landscapes

The very first thing you will notice here is the enormously incredible landscape! The Lord OF The Rings and Hobbit were shot in NZ, a the southern part of the island. Still, the northern part was also used for shooting as the northern part has the glowworm caves, geothermal sources and fantastic coastlines.

Couple In NZ

Looking Nature In NZ

One of the best sights is The Mirror Lakes that are close to Earl Mountains. Here, you can find a lot of trails for walking through the woods! You may feel like Gandalf! There is no better place to go and enjoy the casual walk along the coast or the walks near the dense woods!

The rich Maori culture

As one of the oldest traditions and people, Maori is a unique culture that survived the time and kept its indigenous culture. The Maori influence is strong and present in the everyday lives of people – from street signs to TV programs and cultural interferences daily.

Gumboot Day is one of the most original Maori’s customs and it is held the first Tuesday after the Easter. Then you have Haka, which is the traditional war dance that they dance to promote the Maori warriors’ strength. Aside from these, the traditional food like hongi is also the inevitable part of this culture and it is often used when they are welcoming a guest.

Hiking heaven

Woman In Front Of Lake

Taking Picture In Front Of Lake In NZ

Everyone who like hiking stated that NZ is the heaven for hikers due to endless number of trails that you can follow. One of the most known is the nine Great Walks. Not only locals go down this path, but also tourists as you will walk on the reef of the mountain, to say it like that. There are a lot of experienced guide experts, which we recommend you to hire, just be careful of the weather. It can change very fast in a short time, so keep that in mind!

The diverse wildlife

Yes, you will be delighted with the diversity of wildlife that is present on this island! The island has several reservations/zoos where some of the endangered species live in. There are a lot of zoos and special reservations in Auckland and Wellington, so you should visit these two. Also, there is a huge number of tours with marine experts but also the tours through the wilderness where you will see some of the rarest animals. We highly recommend you getting on one of these as this is a unique experience where you can see some of the animals that do not exist anywhere else!

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