Time to escape: 10 European cities you really need to visit


There are numerous places a person could and should visit during their life, but there are a few you need to see as soon as possible. We carefully chose ten best cities in the whole of Europe and we do hope you will have the opportunity to visit them all someday. If you are interested in more, or you do want to see what other places in the world you shouldn’t miss, we recommend you to visit a travel blog for more articles.

Eastern Europe

Far in the East is one of the most interesting and the most desirable countries among the tourist destinations – Russia. Though it is rather far away, this effort is worth it if you want to avoid the summer crowd and get off the trails on the way to the historic gem of Eastern Europe – the Russian capital of Moscow.

While the nearby Mostar quickly becomes one of the most interesting new European destinations, Blagaj remains relatively hidden from the big summer crowds. Traveling in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the best way to escape the large groups of people because this neighborhood is still one of the best-kept tourist secrets in Europe.

Central Europe

Although still one of the most desirable destinations in all of Europe, it’s a real pleasure to visit Budapest in Hungary in the warm months. It is also one of the cheapest European capitals, which makes it perfect in yet another way. Just remember to pack comfortable walks for a walk – this is a great city to be explored!

In Munich everyone comes for the same reason – beer. And when the beer freely flows? During Oktoberfest, of course. If you want to visit Munich in Germany and avoid crowds, consider arriving in the summer. And then the beer flows out of the brewery, so you will certainly not be thirsty.

Close by

Marrakech, Morocco quickly becomes one of the “compulsory to visit” destinations, and of course, it is not in Europe (it is located in North Africa, a few hours from Europe). But Marrakech is one of the best cities you can visit. If you want something different, rich in culture, authentic … here you will find all this and much more.

Western Europe

Of course, there is nothing that can surpass Paris … but you have to share it with hundreds of thousands of visitors throughout the year! Travel from the capital to one of many provinces hat also has a lot to offer, like Bun. If you are a wine lover, you will have so much fun in smaller cities in France.

There are no landscapes anywhere like there are in Scotland. The island of Skye is still one of the most fascinating natural beauty scenes that you can explore in Europe and the UK by making it mandatory to list it, and visit it as soon as possible.


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