A Tourist Guide Through Chicago

A Tourist Guide Through Chicago

It’s always hard to decide what to visit and where to go when you are visiting some place for the first time. Well, if your plan is paying a visit to Chicago, here are some of the hottest tips that could be right up your alley. First of all, before I begin, every lover and fan of architecture will be more than glad to know that there’s a celebration going on right now, celebrating everything about architecture that this amazing and most beautiful city has to offer.

This outstanding event is commonly known as the inaugural Chicago Architecture Biennial and it’s a perfect opportunity for all fans of architecture to take a look at some of the freshest ideas in building design. And in case that you did not know, Chicago is not known all over the world as the city of staggering buildings for nothing. There are a lot of new public spaces and hotels opening and unveiling so it is more than safe to say that these are very exciting times for all who pay a visit to this city for the first time.

The river and the lake

ChicagoThe most incredible thing about this city is the fact that it is so well connected with public transportation that going from one end of the city to another is like a walk in a park. It is possible to get anywhere in less than an hour and in a place as big as Chicago, this is more than good, believe me. Overcrowded big cities with dysfunctional public transportation and more than expensive cabs are a killer of mood for every tourist out there but this is not the case here, fortunately.

The transportation variety and options are endless and if you want to take a bus or a train or a cab to go looking around, you can do that in no time and it’s pretty much affordable and at fair prices. Visiting the downtown also known as The Loop is a must as you can find the highest sky scraping architecture achievements this city has to offer.

The green parks are everywhere and you can enjoy the overwhelmingly beautiful view of the Chicago River. I recommend Millenium Park and the City Winery or taking a boat that will take you to Lake Michigan. The beauty of it will steal your heart away.

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